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Bringing a new group together

Lakeland has lots of talent, but on the court they are just not there, yet. The men’s basketball team took on the St. Mary’s Lightning in their first preseason game, and for many of the team it was their… more »

Fight for the next one

In a place where golf season can last a few short months and frost can wreak havoc on an early morning tee-off in late fall, Lloydminster isn’t a natural place to find talented golfers. But since picking… more »

Still in the game

Eric Magdanz’s feature was decided by a decision his father made when he was 4 years old. Back in the beginning year of Border City Basketball, Magdanz’s father was asked to be a coach. His mother, who… more »

A process of creating good habits

It’s doubtful the Lloydminster Classic Oilfield Bandits will be on top of the North Eastern Alberta Junior B Hockey League (NEAJBHL) this season. A young team amidst a rebuild of the organization from… more »

Closing a chapter

John Wort Hannam is finally ready to release his latest album after more than a year in production. “Some of these songs are years old,” he said. “I can think of Man of God, for example, one of the songs… more »

Brent Butt comes to Lloyd

Brent Butt, the man who introduced viewers to the fictional Saskatchewan town of Dog River through his sitcom Corner Gas, is back on the Prairies. Butt will be performing at the Vic Juba Community Theatre… more »

Imprisoned for charity

On Sept. 29, Lloydminster residents had the opportunity to be arrested for a good cause, as the Canadian Cancer Society held its first Jail-N-Bail fundraiser in Lloydminster at LloydMall. Arrest warrants… more »

First taste of adversity

The road through the North Division, at least for now, still runs through Spruce Grove. In a meeting between the last two undefeated teams in the Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL), the Spruce Grove… more »

Chargers showing early strength

A strong start of 20 points in the first five minutes for the Lloydminster Chargers led them to a 34-0 victory Saturday afternoon over the St. Paul Bengals. Things slowed down afterwards, but with time… more »

Barons send air raid at Commandos

In just five minutes of play, the Lloydminster Comprehensive Barons showed the ability they have to blow any game open quickly, as they took what was an 11-0 first quarter lead and turned into a 39-0… more »

Experience wins championships

Experience, at least in college volleyball, wins championships. And the Lakeland Rustlers women’s team is full of it. At the end of last season it seemed as if the Rustlers would need to fill some holes… more »

Songs of the human struggle

Victoria singer Mike Edel wants to be heard and understood, but it can still be weird to be performing his deeply personal and confessional songs in front of friends. “It’s almost easier to play songs… more »

Tanner James tells it how it is

Tanner James is rediscovering what it means to be a folk singer The Calgarian, who performs at the Root: Community Emporium on Oct. 2, recently returned from a tour of small towns in British Columbia.… more »

SIDS Awareness Month declared

Lloydminster resident Rob Trainor’s mission to raise awareness and discover the cause of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is being recognized in his hometown. Since the death of his 12-month-old nephew… more »

A classic rock daydream

Julie Myers of Winkler, Man. Is setting off on an ambitious classic rock tribute show tour. Myers, who performs tributes to Stevie Nicks, will be joined by Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart tribute artists… more »

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