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Ending with a bang

With Colonials Days Fair in full swing at the Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds, the Saturday night finale is one that many spectators can’t wait to see. The firework display that is put on is always a… more »

City re-signs with Global for traffic enforcement services

The City of Lloydminster will be paying approximately three per cent less for automated traffic enforcement services under its new contract with Global Traffic Group Ltd. Lloydminster has been working… more »

Five locals move into new digs

Five first-time homeowners have officially moved into their new homes through the Community Housing Initiative Program (CHIP) pilot. For Rozelle Sagucil, this program is a blessing. Sagucil said she has… more »

Canoes help students cruise to a brighter future

E.S. Laird Middle School likes their students to be fit in body and in mind. Besides making for a more balanced lifestyle, it is also very fun and rewarding. A small group gathered for coffee and donuts… more »

Candidates agree more work to be done on pipeline

The three candidates for leader of the PC party of Alberta are calling the conditional approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline needed and a step in the right direction. Former minister of Infrastructure… more »

Candidates agree made in Alberta plan needed for TFW program

During a leadership race, one might expect candidates to disagree on a range of issues, but sometimes candidates might actually agree. One issue that the three candidates for leadership of the Progressive… more »

Thrill shows expected to thrill kids of all ages

With Colonial Days Fair officially kicking off tomorrow morning, event organizers have transformed the Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds into a fair worth attending. This year the indoor and outdoor thrill… more »

Horner claims operational surplus

According to the Alberta minister of Finance, the province is operating on a $2.5 billion operational surplus as of the end of the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Finance Minister Doug Horner, in a press conference… more »